Laser Teeth Whitening VS Zoom Teeth Whitening

Laser teeth whitening

Laser Teeth Whitening

Long-time smokers can often see evidence of their smoking habit in the form of ugly stains on their teeth. Even drinking tea and coffee can, over the years, leave the teeth looking yellow and aged. Laser teeth whitening procedures can help remove these stains and restore the natural beauty of teeth. Laser teeth whitening can often produce noticeable improvements in just one sitting.

There are many brand names associated with this procedure, like RembrandtZoom Teeth Whitening and BriteSmile. Some of them claim to be able to produce results in just an hour, although this is not always possible in cases of heavy discoloration. Such cases may require multiple sessions to get the desired results.

The laser teeth whitening process begins with the dentist cleaning the teeth to remove debris and accumulated plaque. These substances can render the procedure less effective if they are not adequately removed. The dentist then applies a whitening gel to the teeth. The laser is then used and acts by activating the gel and getting it to work quickly.


Because a whitening gel is used, some people argue that the improvement in teeth color is due to the gel and not because of the laser. But as many have found, laser treatment produces faster improvements in teeth color as compared to many other procedures. The need for multiple sessions is often eliminated. Laser teeth whitening has gained more and more adherents in recent years.

The Rembrandt teeth whitening system is one of the popular laser systems. It uses a plasma arc light to activate the whitening gel. Many patients have obtained excellent results with this system, with their teeth becoming lighter by as much as six to eight shades.

Zoom laser teeth whitening is another well-known brand. Like other brands, it uses an activating laser and has a tray option. Using the tray can lighten teeth color over a period of several days.

BriteSmile is also a widely used brand in this market. They claim to be able to produce exceptional results. Patients have reported being able to improve teeth color by many shades relatively quickly.
What are the costs associated with laser teeth whitening? To provide a comparison, it is possible to purchase a basic teeth whitening kit at stores for just a few dollars. There are also high-end whitening gels available for around $120. In contrast, laser teeth whitening can cost anywhere from $600 to $1200… or even more. Prices can vary depending on the kind of treatment, the number of sessions required and the dentist involved.

Among the positives of this treatment is that since it is done at a dentist’s clinic, the gels used will be professional quality peroxides. The systems available for purchase at a grocery store will be much less effective. In general, the higher the peroxide concentration, the faster the whitening effect will be evident. So this treatment is ideal for those who need results at the earliest.

Many people desire to have a brighter smile because it makes them feel good and boosts their confidence. Laser teeth whitening has become the treatment of choice for many patients because of its ease and the speed at which it delivers results. Check with your dentist to see if it is the right solution for you.

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